3 Things to Know About Your Partner Before You Get Married


By LJ Innes

Must-Have Discussions

If you’re getting hitched, exchanging vows, tying the knot or jumping the broom, you’re probably filled with exuberance and excitement and dreaming of the day you say I do. But in all the anticipation of your upcoming nuptials you may have overlooked a few important details.

Do You Want to Live Happily Ever After or in Oblivion? 

Think for a minute or two about the vows you’re taking. Whether you write your own or stick to the tried and true verses, a promise of fidelity should be taken seriously. So it’s good to know who you’re marrying before you marry them and it’s good to know that you two are on the same page about several important things that could be a part of your married life. Here are my top three.

1. Do They Want to Have … [click here to continue reading]

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