Relationship Advice: Should You Always Be Available?

Are-You-Making-Yourself-too-Available-to-Him-200Sometimes the Best Relationship Advice is to Tell Him You’re Busy

When you first meet a guy and you really like him, it’s natural to want to see him all the time—especially when he wants to see you all the time too. But if you’re making yourself too available to him, then things may not turn out exactly as you hoped. Check out this relationship advice.

What a Guy Wants

A guy wants a confident girl with an active and busy life. You had friends, family and work obligations before you met him and so did he before he met you. Now that you’re together, you should fit your alone time in with whatever else is going on in your lives. This means you shouldn’t clear your deck and cancel any plans you have to be with someone. Don’t fall off the radar and push everyone and everything in your life aside for someone else. If you do, you’re saying their time is more valuable than yours.

The guy you’re dating should be fine with you being busy. He should be open to rescheduling if he really wants to see you. Just remember that being too busy is as bad for your relationship as being too available.

The Consequences of Being too Available

1. Your friends and family will feel neglected if all of your free time is devoted to the new guy in your life. They’ll be hurt if you constantly cancel plans with them to be with him.

2. If you make yourself too available, the guy you’re seeing will eventually [CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING …]

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