Date and Love a Leo

date-love-leo-150Venturing Into the Lion’s Den for Love

When it comes to falling for the King (or Queen) of the Jungle, there is no mystery. That’s because Leo the Lion is full of warm optimism and smoldering sexiness.

Carry Catnip and Get Noticed

Catnip always gets a cat’s attention—it’s irresistible and stimulating. Leos know they attract attention, and they like it. But how do you get a Leo to notice you? Oddly enough, the less you do the better. If you can simply walk into a room and steal the spotlight from a Leo without even trying, it’s like giving the lion an unlimited supply of steak—they’ll eat it up! They’ll have to know who this amiable, confident head-turner is. So if you want to “kill the cat,” peak their curiosity. Then they’ll have no choice but to pursue you.

Date a Leo

Once you’ve succeeded in igniting their inner flame, Leo can really warm your heart. There are very few who can resist the charms of a Leo, and once you’re dating one you’ll have found, at the very least, a lifelong friend and maybe even … [keep reading]

[Just to let you know, that clicking on the link above takes you to my article’s home on – I’m not a Leo, but still if you “like” and/or “share” my article, it’s sure to make me purr – thanks!~]

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