When You’re in Love With His Potential

Trouble in Paradise We often hear of couples who were once in love turning into couples who are now in trouble. If you’re having problems in your relationship, if you’re feeling duped, disillusioned or disappointed, like you’re in love with the man you thought he was and not who he turned out to be, then…

not together

The Perks of Not Living Together

Are You Thinking About Living Together? It’s true that nothing kills romance like reality. That’s why when trying to assess the perks of being in a relationship but not living together, the first thing that came to mind was the word “mystery.” Perk No. 1: Keeping Romance Alive Having an air of mystery around you…


The vernal equinox occurs at 12:57 PM today (New York time) and sets us on a journey through the season most associated with love. Happy spring.

Are You Settling in Love?

If you’re settling, don’t be so hard on yourself; we all settle to some degree in varying areas of life. Nothing is perfect, especially relationships, and that’s because no one is perfect.

6 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Soulmates

Sometimes, rather than admit that a connection isn’t all we hoped it would be, we tell ourselves lies about our “soulmates,” hoping we can make the relationship work or that it will become a soulmate connection, rather than facing the alternative of being alone and in search of love again.