In the Stars – August 2

What Leos were born today, August 2? (1)  Leos are born stars, and masters of entertainment.

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Happy Birthday Leo

Excerpt from articles I wrote about Leos:

Date and Love a Leo (2012 Article)Who wouldn’t like to date or even love a Leo? They are full of confidence and energy. Their element of fire matches their passion for life and shows in their glowing personalities. Leo’s have an inner magnetism that makes them hard to resist. It’s not easy to get their attention, but once you’ve caught the lion’s eye, they’ll want to know all about you, and so the game begins. Are you and Leo a dating match? [read more …]

Date and Love a Leo (2011 Article)

Of course you want to date a Leo. Finding any one sign of the zodiac that is impervious to Leo’s magnetic aura is not near or next to impossible, it’s just impossible. Unfortunately, even a Leo would admit that there is no one sign that is perfect for the jungle cat. The good news is that once you’re on Leo’s good side, at worst, you’ve got a loyal friend for life; at best, you’ll have a loyal lover too, as long as it remains hot, fun and steamy. When happy, Leo loves to lavish in the security of a warm and welcoming den to unwind in. Being wild and crazy is fun, but just remember, that Leo wants to get to know the real you, they sincerely do. [read more …]

[(1) thanks to for the photos]

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