Use Astrology to Keep Your Boss Happy

Unlock the Secrets to Employment Bliss

Is your boss the demanding type, the giving type or someone who craves constant attention? You can use astrology to anticipate their demands, give them what they want before they ask for it and make sure they know they’re priority number one.

Fire Sign Bosses:

Aries Boss: “Keep it busy, keep it moving.” Aries doesn’t care for the “drudgery” approach to work. Generate excitement and enthusiasm about your work even if it’s sorting through the daily mail.

Leo Boss: “Everyone should have fun while working; me first.” Give them attention, don’t question their authority, and remember to love it. Loyalty, above all, will keep your boss happy.

Sagittarius: “Service with a smile.” As long as you’re willing to constantly learn and be jovial about work on a daily basis, you’re able to keep this boss happy, happy, happy.

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