In the Stars – August 8

In the Stars – Stars Born Today, August 8

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Mercury – In First Gear

As if you needed more good news, Mercury begins moving forward again this week.  On the 8th you can count on the breaks being applied and Mercury will come to a screeching halt before it goes into forward motion once again at just degree 1 of Leo.  During this retrograde, Mercury never left Leo and forward motion starts from the very beginning again.  It’s always advised to give Mercury a few days outside of a reversal to get rolling again before we start moving on as usual.  Of course, retrogrades aren’t actual planets going backwards, but the appearance of them moving in reverse from our perspective here on Earth.  That being said, it really is all about our perspective and during any retrograde we naturally gravitate towards the past – fixing things that were broken or finally deciding to break free of them, going back over plans we’ve made and re-tweaking them to work more efficiently.  It’s a kind of “course correction” and they benefit us greatly or hold us back temporarily – it’s all, as with most things, for the best.  Holding back from making a decision, especially monetary or spending choices or regarding electrical purchases, or even in communication – all of which Mercury rules, can be seen as a pain at the moment, but prove rather fortuitous in the future.  Someone once told me that “You can’t take back the spoken word.”  That is a Mercury retrograde statement if ever I heard one.

Sky Alert

If you look up and to the west during the twilight sky from now until next week, you can actually see Mars as it’s about to conjunct Saturn, both in partnership sign Libra.  There is a third part to this conjunction that I just learned about.  It’s a little super-star called Spica and it is the tiny piece of corn in the hand of Virgo, the Harvest Goddess.  Get outside and view this karmic conjunction.  This time the karmic lesson is one of being the stealth warrior, such as Mars, and taking your time before rushing into agreements haphazardly, especially where partnerships are concerned.

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