In the Stars – August 9

In the Stars

Venus and Neptune – Playing in Water

Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces.  Life is a pastel work of art in hues of blue and green with shimmering silver highlights.  Accept invitations, especially any invitations that include going to artsy-type places or places where you can do something meaningful and give a bit of yourself to others, like a soup kitchen.  Point is – get out, see the world and do something that makes your heart sing or that inspires you and makes you and/or others feel good.

Stars Born Today, August 9

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Sky Alert

If you look up and to the west during the twilight sky from now until next week, you can actually see Mars as it’s about to conjunct Saturn, both in partnership sign Libra.  There is a third part to this conjunction that I just learned about.  It’s a little super-star called Spica and it is the tiny piece of corn in the hand of Virgo, the Harvest Goddess.  Get outside and view this karmic conjunction.  This time the karmic lesson is one of being the stealth warrior, such as Mars, and taking your time before rushing into agreements haphazardly, especially where partnerships are concerned.

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