Astrology for Men: How Will I Know My Love?

Guys, you asked for it and now you’re gonna get it … here’s your very own astrology article geared specifically to you.   All you need to know is your Venus sign.  Here’s a link to a Venus Sign Table  courtesy of  

{Note:   If your birthday ends or begins as the Venus sign changes, check the definition for the next sign above or below – I write on NYC time (currently ESDT), so depending on where you reside, your sign may be different than the one depicted in the chart.}

Girls, you could get some intel from this too … it’s all about what a guy looks for in a woman and how he can use astrology to figure out just who that special woman is.  To know exactly what you need in  a man, read my article, “Astrology for Women: How Will I Know My Love,” and a link to a Mars Sign Table (also courtesy of – thanks!)

Man Seeking Venus

A man’s Venus sign tells the secrets of his true desire and what he looks for in a mate. If you’re a man and wondering, “How will I know my love?” then you should definitely know your Venus sign. If you’re not sure what your Venus sign is, then asking a gifted astrologer will open up a world of wealth in the love department. The sooner you find your Venus sign, the quicker you’ll find the woman of your dreams.

Venus in Aries: You like a strong woman who can hold her own, but who also has a sexy, feminine side. At the very least you like a girl who challenges you at most every turn.

Venus in Taurus: You love a woman who is part angel. She can take on the world and do it all with a smile. She’s a full-time homemaker even if she runs her own business.

Venus in Gemini: Sexual siren meets rocket scientist may seem a stretch for some, but not for you. You don’t like a know-it-all, but you do love a sexy woman who does seem to know it all without being smug about it.

Venus in Cancer: Your ideal woman is seductive even when checking her homemade cookies in the oven. The only thing you desire more than her knowing how to turn you on, is knowing how to turn her on and being appreciated for it.

Venus in Leo: Your lover instills excitement and maybe even a little fear in you. Giving her what she wants is a turn-on for you. Alternatively, not giving her what she wants brings out her fiery side which ignites your desire even more.

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You’ll need your Mars Sign Table  (click link) – courtesy of

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