The Weekly Planets and Stars

J.K. Rowling, Author – Born July 31

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Hey there star lovers.  I’m back from a quick trip where, by the way, the stars were out in full force lighting up the darkest nights.  It was beautiful, isn’t it always.  But I’m back (just) and ready to hop back on the laptop and tether myself to the nearest star and tell you what’s up in the sky.

Monday-July 30

Venus in communicative Gemini trines Saturn in the partnership sign of Libra, and love is in the air.  Romance has a karmic feel to it.  I wasn’t here yesterday, but I do hope you went out and mingled or spent a great day with your love.  But, in case you didn’t …

Tuesday-July 31

The Sun is at home in Leo and trines Uranus in adventurous Aries.  It’s a good day for new ideas and sparks of creativity, which may come from getting out and about in new places and seeing new faces.  Possibly, if you can, plan (but don’t book) a trip to someplace you’ve never been before.  [Book it after Mercury moves forward next week, plus a few days.  Always give Mercury a few days to get rolling after a retrograde.]

Wednesday-August 1

There’s a full Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo, sextiles Jupiter in Gemini.  Aquarius and Leo spark creativity, in theme with Tuesdays forecast.  Add in lucky Jupiter in Gemini and it could mean you’ll find luck in creative projects that fall under all things Gemini, such as writing, publishing, blogging, communications, and more.  Full Moons can signal endings of a sort.  Hopefully it’s the end of doing things the old way and the start of something new and creative, if so best of (Jupiter) luck.  When one door closes, another always opens.

Tomorrow (August 1) I’ll resume my In the Stars Celebrity Birthdays … but here’s one for today …

J.K. Rowling, Author, Harry Potter – perhaps you saw her at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in London.  Happy Birthday J.K. and Happy Birthday Leos.

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