In the Stars – July 26

In the Stars will be posted on a sporadic schedule through Monday, July 30 – I’m out of town and don’t have access to a computer on a daily basis – unheard of these days, I know, but it’s really a true vacation (mostly away from techi stuff).  I apologize for missing the posting of July 25  – plane delays – but if you want to see what’s been going on this week or what’s coming up, you can always go to my weekly Examiner column and read the week ahead.  I’m going to post celebrity birthdays here through Sunday (sans the slideshow).  Next week (after Monday) we should back to normal with the posting.  Until there, hHere’s what’s in store for Saturday astrological forecast:

Saturday – July 28 – Conjunction The Sun conjuncts (joins) Mercury in Leo.  Remember Mercury is still in retrograde until August 8.  Use the power of the Sun and the planet of communication and messages to speak to people or organizations you may have either had it rough with or you thought just didn’t notice you before.  Mercury, powered by the Sun’s energy is allowing us to clear up past miscommunications or revise old one.  Once Mercury goes direct your way is clear and problems of the past no longer plague you in the same way.  Your confidence will soar when you get accolades for all of your hard work.

What’s Your Function?  To go for your dreams, to be grateful, and to remember all the people who supported you along the way and still support you now.  It’s a good week.

Stars Born July 25

Matt LeBlanc, Actor – Born July 25

Matt LeBlanc, Actor

Darren Star, Writer – July 25 (Sex in Ithe City)

Elizbeth Ann Bennett, Actress  (“The Passing”)

Stars Born July 26

Kate Beckinsale, Actress

Sandra Bullock. Actress

Kevin Spacey, Actor

Helen Mirran, Actress

Stanley Kubrick

More of what’s in the Stars coming up this week (sometime)

thanks for your patience – we can all use a little “vacation” now and then.

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