In the Stars – July 31

Tuesday-July 31

The Sun is at home in Leo and trines Uranus in adventurous Aries.  It’s a good day for new ideas and sparks of creativity, which may come from getting out and about in new places and seeing new faces.  Possibly, if you can, plan (but don’t book) a trip to someplace you’ve never been before.  [Book it after Mercury moves forward next week, plus a few days.  Always give Mercury a few days to get rolling after a retrograde.] – see the weekly forecast

Let’s see what Stars are Born Today:  (You’ll have to pardon my partiality to Southern born boys in today’s photo lineup … but the South does produce some very hot guys … OMG.)  (Photo thanks to

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See my article “Date and Love a Leo” – is Leo for you?

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