The Weekly Planets and Stars – A Down-to-Earth Perspective

Love – Life – Work – Money

This week’s emphasis is on the Earth signs and all they rule.  Venus comes home to Taurus and a Full Moon in Virgo in the middle of the week will be gearing up the energy that presents itself in a rare and powerful “Grand Trine” next week.  A trine, as the name would imply, is when there are three planets in the same element, forming a triangle in the zodiac wheel.  The element focus of this trine will be in Earth signs.  The extra bonus will be that we will have not just three but four planets in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).  This week’s Full Moon in Virgo is at a great angle to draw some of that powerful energy building up in the sky.  We start to get down to Earthly basics in love, life, work and finances.

Monday – March 5

Venus enters Taurus – Venus comes home to Taurus and the focus is on things that matter to Venus, love, money and lifestyle.  Now is a great time to give care to relationships with people that matter to you and also your relationship with money.  If you’re a spender, you’ll think about better ways to save; if you’re a saver, you’ll want to put that money to work for you.  Call someone special.

Tuesday – March 6

Venus sextiles Neptune – With Neptune in dreamy Pisces, this day is made for love, and the good things in life.  Make a date with someone special or (keep reading)


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7 thoughts on “The Weekly Planets and Stars – A Down-to-Earth Perspective

  1. The grand trine with transiting Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Mars retrograde in Virgo will be the top of the good times for 2012. Once Mars goes direct, on April 13th; the firewords should start in the Middle East (Iran, Israel, et. al.). The worst of the events should begin when we have our two eclipses (Solar May 20th and Lunar June 4th). Additional times of a big slap in the reality face are June 29th, when the Sun forms a “T” square iwth Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cap. and July 17th and 18th around the New Moon in Cancer, with Mars in a “T” square with first Pluto on June 17th and then Uranus on June 18th. The transiting Jupiter sextile Uranus on July 21st may take some of the sting out of the Mars/Uranus/Pluto “T” square on July 17 an 18th, however, when this configuration is set off by transit later in the year, the fireworks will be back. The transiting Mars 180* Saturn in the Cardinal sign of Libra (war) will be ugly. Sept. 2012 will be no cake walk with the North Node in Scorpio and the second transiting Uranus square Pluto on Sept. 18th. Things will lighten up a little bit in Oct. as Saturn moves into Scorpio on Oct. 5th and trines Neptune on Oct. 10th. However, the two eclipses in Nov. (Solar Nov. 13th and Lunar Nov. 28 should make Nov. and Dec. “interesting.” And then Dec. 21, 2012; which I don’t see as all that bad although we do have a wide “finger of God” aspect with Saturn sextile Pluto Dec. 26th and Jupiter in Gemini. The fact that the Winter Solstice is conjunct, more or less, the Galactic Center is not all that unusual. I can’t really see Dec. 21, 2012 as that bad. That said, 2014 (Apr. 21st) and 2016 will be hell to pay.
    Bill Foster
    aka: The Master of Disaster

    • although i take completely different “attitude” trying to keep it light (because words and thoughts are powerful alone and in the collective) i am impressed by your vast astrological knowledge – i like opposing opinions – if everyone thought the same, how boring that would be right? don’t forget in June when Venus conjuncts the Sun (and the June 29 thing – well my birthday is June 30, so I hope the mood is a little lighter) LOL thanks Wfoster… 🙂 and thanks for following my blog – I love the input.

      • You are welcome. I love another astrologer on these sites. You keep it light and I keep it heavy (disaster blog and all). I would keep in mind that phrase you used, “…where there are obstacles, there are also opportunities…” You are going to have one heck of a Solar Return on June 30th, in that Uranus in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn June 24th and Jupiter in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces June 25th. Plus June 29th the Sun in Cancer is in a “T” square with that Uranus 90* Pluto configuration! This is a fated year for you, i.e., Solar Return Neptune “T” square Nodal axis plus South Node conjunct Jupiter and Venus in Gemini (where is that natal Gemini Moon of yours?) Venus went direct June 27th, start of new relationship; Mars at 28* 30′ Vigro (end of another one – if you like detail then you must have a lot of Virgo natal). Watch transits, progressions and Solar Arc Directions for set-offs to this Solar Return. Jupiter in Gemini and Mars in Vigro, an emotional cleansing of a bad relationship? Relationships: Adjustments (Venus 150* Pluto) – transformative (Pluto) in a good way (Jupiter Venus conj. Venus) with older people (Venus 135* Saturn) – sudden and unexpected (Venus 60* Uranus) – but it’s a good thing (Venus conj. Jupiter) – but under some kind of illusion (Venus square Neptune), but it’s fated (Venus conj. South Node 180* NN), which may involve young people too or your sister or brother (Venus sextile Mercury). Watch your health (Mars in endings in Vigro) Uranus in Aries (head), 90* Pluto in Cap. (bones, skin, knees) 180* Sun in Cancer (breasts, stomach, solar plexus); Jupiter in Gemini (nervous system – breaking up is hard to do – hands, shoulders, arms, lungs); square Neptune in Pisces (the feet). You’ve probably already looked at all of this.
        Bill Foster

      • wow i just wrote this long reply and lost it – thanks for the solar return news – you must be a virgo or maybe a gem. I love the interpretations. do you use any software or are you old school charts all the way? my interpretations tend to lean towards the intuitive side – a gift i got from my mom along with many others. you mention pluto in cap and jupiter in gemini – cap is my rising sign – gemini my moon sign so i’m ready for a wild ride. i wish i had more time to devote but i work full time in a law firm (maybe that’s the ending relationship) something’s coming in that area. geez i wish my first reply didn’t get lost – but almost merc retro so what else – of course LOL thanks Bill – oh and no – i look at the year overall and get to the nitty gritty only a couple of months in advance – unless it’s something like the series of eclipes that touched my chart over the year and half before. i do look ahead but my writing focuses on the here an now mostly. wanna do my birthday return reading? i’d pay you – your views are so different than mine i think it would be interesting.

      • Hi Artful Articles:
        I’d be glad to do your reading and you don’t have to pay me. I’m a wealthy commodity trader that uses financial astrology. I, also, bet on sporting events using astrology. I live in Las Vegas, NV. Send me your birth data to and I’ll do it for free.
        I am old school. I did all your readings from planet and sign keywords. Of course, if I knew your complete chart with houses, I could d a much better job. I have several programs I sometimes use, Solar Fire Gold’s, Matrix Software, and others. Only if I know the exaxt raised seal birth certificate time, place and date of birth.
        It’s just so nice to talk to another astrologer who knows what I’m talking about.

      • I am a Sun in Aquarius in the 12th house, Pisces risingt 1*Pisces 38′, Moon in Pises in the 1st, Venus in Pisces exalted in the 1st, Neptune in the 7th in trine Uranus in the 3rd, Jupiter in the 5th, Mercury and Mars in the practical and grounded 11th in Capricorn, and Pluto in the 6th.

  2. I worked for myself trading, which after so many years, doesn’t take that much time. I stopped working for others many years ago thank God. I believe in reincarnation, karma, the astral and causal planes and am a mystic, psychomotrist that is very intuitive (all that Pisces plus Neptune is 150* the ASC by 6 minutes applying. So, Venus, Moon and ASC in Pisces and Sun in the 12th. I’ve also been extremely intuitive and have had been out of body and para-psychology expreiences.

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