Take Time Out … Push the Reset Button

Pink Magnolia blossom

It’s not easy juggling all we do today.  Life used to seem a lot less complicated and involved.  And thought it’s great that now we get to reach out and touch people we might otherwise never have met, through genre sites and social media, sometimes it’s nice to throw yourself back in time, to a place that seemed much quieter.  I write because I’m passionate about it, but I still have a day job that sometimes seems to suck the life out of me.  As I grow into my art, and as I grow older, I no longer want to wake up by the clock, or get a UV tan from flourescent office lights.  So when I get out of work, though I may be tired, I usually rush to my laptop and write or check on my soc-med sites.

Now that spring has sprung, instead of staying to finish up my work, I run out of the door at 5 o’clock, and get in my car and open the windows, and the roof, and take down my ponytail that usually winds up in my head by 3:30.  I crank up the toons and drive along a lake on a slightly deserted road.  When I see something beautiful like a sunset on the water, a bird in flight, or blooming spring flowers it makes me pause for a moment.

I listened to the birds tweeting on their way back to their nests and looked at all the trees that seemed to have bloomed overnight.  I breathed in the warm, fresh spring air, and just enjoy the last of the sunshine the day has to give.  Tomorrow is another day, and even if it’s not so great, let nature wash it all away.

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