Venus Goes Direct, June 27, 2012

baby praying mantis

A Good Omen

Wednesday, June 27

Venus goes direct in Gemini.  If you’ve had any bumps in relationships they should have straightened out by now or soon.  I like a Venus retrograde, because sometimes we make decisions in love (or money too) and the retrograde gives us a chance to look back and double check that what we’ve done is right – or wrong – and it gives time to fix it if need be.  Maybe you saw and old love that you missed – if so by now you should either be back together or have said your goodbyes.

Venus not only loves love and money she is also the minder of beauty.  Now that summer is here, we get to see another facet of nature’s beauty.  And so, less than a week before my birthday, I found it awesomely auspicious to find this baby praying mantis on the hood of my car.  I didn’t think it would appreciate a 30 mile trip to the beach, so I tried to make it jump off before I got going.  No telling where it hopped off to.  Still I felt blessed.  I’d never seen a baby praying mantis before.  To me it symbolized the birth of a new life, having just gotten laid off  from my FT job, making plans to change my career altogether and possibly adding a move in into the mix.  Thanks Mother Nature for the lovely gift.


2 thoughts on “Venus Goes Direct, June 27, 2012

    • Thanks! I know, not only a good luck omen, but a good luck shot as well, complete with shadow and reflection. It’s the reason I’m thinking of having my camera surgical implanted so I’ll always have it with me LOL. Loved your blog, look forward to visiting it often – subscribed so I won’t miss a thing. Have a great day.

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