Do You Ever Go Back to Old Posts/Articles?

As some of you already know, I’ve been trying to update my “Articles” page with links to articles old and new.  Even though this started as a blog project, I found it really enlightening and thought provoking reading some of my older articles.  It actually sparked a few new ideas, which was nice and unexpected.  Do you ever go back and read over things you’ve written?  Take this poll and come back to check the results.  I’m leaving it open for one month.

4 thoughts on “Do You Ever Go Back to Old Posts/Articles?

  1. I read what I’ve written in hopes that I’ve gotten better and to make sure it is as interesting enough for others to read. My thoughts: Oh…insightful or oh…must have been tired.

    • I love movies and sometimes i enjoy the reviews even better, especially when they mention little clips that have special reference or meaning to something else that not everyone who saw it would catch. thanks for visiting my blog!

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