Keep Looking Up

waxing moon

Waxing Moon Crescent

Waxing Moon
I love astronomy and astrology, even though some say they don’t mix.  For me, they intertwine, along with the sheer beauty of nature and the universe itself.  I can see why beautiful South Carolina would include two romantic icons for its official state flag, a gorgeous palm tree and the stunning waxing crescent Moon.
Sometimes we get lost inside.  Inside buildings, inside work, inside ourselves.  When you step outside and look up into the sky, you really get the sense of how small we actually are.  And for that one moment, all of our troubles blow away with the wind, and problems pale in comparison to the enormous sky we live under, the very awesomeness of the universe.
Reconnecting with the sky, the universe, the air, the sounds of trees as they move, watching the birds floating on air currents is a daily ritual of mine.  It brings me back to earth, while also reminding me that we are all part of it, part of this fabulous universe.  It reconnects me with the source of life in the most spiritual way; it’s an intuitive connection that fills my heart and makes me smile.
At night when the sky is pitch black, I go outside again and look up.  I look at the stars that shine and twinkle, the planets that show themselves to us, if only for a brief peek, and I breath in the night air, letting it fill me up once again.  I could look up forever and be happy.
When problems start to worry you or plague you, remember to always keep looking up.  When happy moments come your way, keep looking up.  Be thankful to the source of all creation that you are here, a part of it all, and able to experience all of life in its good and bad moments.  It is how we learn and how we grow, and every day you know a little more than you did the day before, about the world and about yourself.
Our triumphs and our tragedies make up who we are, and each of us is as unique and special as every star in the sky, so keep looking up.

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