The Grand Trine

Wednesday – March 14th

Venus conjucts Jupiter.  A combining of energies.

The Grand (Earth) Trine. When three planets land in signs of the same element, forming a perfect triangle in the zodiac wheel, it is called a Grand Trine.  This is a somewhat rare transit, but we are fortunate enough to have not just three, but four planets – all in Earth signs – forming the Grand Earth Trine.  Jupiter, Mars and Pluto are all placed in the exact same position relative to the sign they currently occupy, and with the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, that means we have four planets in this Trine.  It promises to be a good week for most every sign in the zodiac.  If you have a Grand Trine (in any element) in your birth chart, you are particularly blessed.

PS  this is the last night when Venus and Jupiter will be clearly visible in the night’s sky.  If it’s not cloudy out where you are, go take a look, you can’t miss the two brightest lights in the sky – appearing side by side.

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