The Weekly Planets and Stars

A “Grand” Week

Sunday – March 11th

Daylight Savings Time.  If you forgot to put your clocks ahead one hour, don’t forget to do it today or you may be late for work on Monday.  It’s not easy for us to lose an hour when there are so few hours in a day to get everything done, but “spring ahead” we must.

Monday – March 12th

Mercury Retrograde.  This week begins with Mercury Retrograde (“MR”) in Aries.  It will move forward again on April 4th one sign back in Pisces.  Mercury, ruling communications of all kind, will affect different people in different ways.  The usual understanding of an MR is that electronics may act wonky or not at all.  Make sure mechanical devices you rely on, such as your car, are in tip top shape before you travel, and definitely put off any purchases of electronic equipment during this period.  I like to give the MR a day or two leeway on either side just to be safe.  Even if you find anbargain on electronics during this period, be cautious, because it may not turn out to be a hassle rather than a great deal.  Make sure you know the return policy.

Jupiter trines Pluto.  Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn are part of the “Grand Trine.”  This is a great day of for talks of a financial nature, possibly you’ll negotiate a raise or you may get good news from your tax preparer.  Reminder: Mercury is retrograde, so don’t sign contracts just yet, or you may have to go back and renegotiate later.  The only way to proceed with contract signing would be if you had worked out the details before the retrograde began, and the signature is just a formality.  Still, it would be best to wait until April 5th or 6th to be safe.

Tuesday – March 13th

Venus trines Pluto.  The “Grand Trine” is becoming more exact.  This is another day that bodes well for money talks.  You may get your client or boss to agree to an extra project or a move forward with one of your innovative ideas, all resulting in a better bottom line for you.

Wednesday – March 14th

Venus conjucts Jupiter.  A combining of energies.

The Grand (Earth) Trine.  When three planets land in signs of the same element, forming a perfect triangle in the zodiac wheel, it is called a Grand Trine.  This is a somewhat rare transit, but we are fortunate enough to have not just three, but four planets – all in Earth signs – forming the Grand Earth Trine.  Jupiter, Mars and Pluto are all placed in the exact same position relative to the sign they currently occupy, and with the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, that means we have four planets in this Trine.  It promises to be a good week for most every sign in the zodiac.  If you have a Grand Trine (in any element) in your birth chart, you are particularly blessed. 

Venus and Jupiter in Taurus – Mars in Virgo – Pluto in Capricorn – All Earth Signs

Saturday – March 17th

St. Patrick’s Day.  Use the Earthly energy of the day to go out with friends, catch a parade, eat some great food, and don’t go too crazy with the green beer.

Next week:  The Spring Equinox and a New Moon in Aries.

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