Two Moons, Two States, Never too Much

In honor of la Bella Luna outside tonight and it’s soon-to-be-full status in Libra this week, I took a two-sided view of the universe’s most magnificent orb. Take a look at my “Two-State Boogie.”

waxing moon over bethel church cemetery clover SC

Waxing Moon – SC

Since I was updating my constantly-in-progress website today and then I went out to play under the moonlight, I didn’t write about this AstroBuzz yet.  But I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.

But for now I’ll say, without getting technical, if you’re spending Tuesday writing, creating, travelling, speaking, even meeting your friends for dinner, you should have a really good day.  If you’re looking for support from those friends, emotional, material or otherwise, don’t count on it.  It’s a Mars-Pluto square – you know, I’ve mentioned those awful, challenging squares before.  This one is a little loony, just in time to usher in the Wednesday’s full Moon.  Keep it light and be creative and have a good day.



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