7 Ways to Say “I’m Interested” in Body Language

by LJ Innes

That First Conversation

Normally, when two people meet, long before those first few words are ever spoken between them, they have most likely already engaged in a conversation through body language. Sometimes consciously and sometimes not, your body is sending messages to people all of the time.

Like Venus and Mars

Being consciously aware of what your body is saying to others can only help you express the precise message you want to convey with confidence. Knowing body language also helps you read the other person’s message with clarity, although men and women, as you might have guessed, have slightly different versions of body language.

Here are 7 ways to say, “I’m interested in you,” without uttering a word, using the universal language of the body:

1. Eye contact. Making direct, yet temporary eye contact with someone and then quickly looking away lets the other person know they’ve been noticed. Looking away just lets them know you’re normal and not a gawker or a stalker. After a few minutes, look back a second time for just a bit longer. Remember, eyes only. Try not to spring the “hey baby,” come hither eyebrow flex. Leave a little mystery.

2. Shy smiles/biting your lower lip. A slight smile or a subtle bite of your lower lip hints to a bit of interest with a smattering of innocence. You want him to know you’re interested, but subtly. You may not be so innocent, but there’s plenty of time to reveal that later. Guys love suspense.

3. A sigh or deep breath. It’s inevitable that when you see someone you like, your heart beats slightly faster. To compensate for the shallow breathing that comes with a fluttering heart, you take a deep breath to slow that raging pulse. Inhaling through the nose and expelling that air through pouted lips causes your chest to rise and lower, thereby accentuating one of your most feminine assets. Those pouty lips are a bonus.

4. Touching your hair.  Fussing with your bangs, twisting your hair or touching your hair in anyway is Venusian for … (keep reading)

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