Your March 2012 Moon Sign Forecast

Your Karma Past, Present, and Future

Having a personal Moon sign reading can help you navigate life’s many courses and help you live your life to its fullest potential. Moon sign astrology charts tie directly to our karma (or actions) in our past, present and future. The charts have been written, but we are always in control of our actions. To check your moon sign, give an astrologer your time and date of birth. Want to know more about your moon sign? Talk to Psychic Avery, who is also an astrologer.

March Moon Sign Forecast

Waxing Moon

by LJ Innes

In March, the time to sit up and take notice of yourself and your surroundings falls between March 13 and April 3. The emphasis will be on personal relationships and personal finances.

Aries: The focus is on finances, and the month begins on a good note. Hold your purse strings as mid-month you may lack the drive to work as hard as usual. Your love life may be the reason.

Taurus: You seem somewhat lethargic at the start of March, but you quickly gain energy as the month progresses. Avoid being confrontational. Your finances get a boost mid-month.

Gemini: Your love life will pick up in March, as will your career from March 13 through the first week of April. With all this good going on, make sure to keep your ego in check; be humble.

Cancer: Don’t let your worrisome mind force any rash decisions. It’s not a good time for you to speak too quickly or travel too far. This time will pay off in self-growth, which will turn the tide in your favor.

Leo: Both your love life and finances continue to bloom. If unattached, …(continue reading…)

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