Mercury Retrograde and Holiday Shopping

By  LJ Innes

Could the current Mercury retrograde be hampering your online and offline holiday shopping?  Whether you’re a student of astrology or just someone with a passing interest in the planets and their effect on our lives, Mercury retrograde is nothing to scoff at.

Mercury is the planet of communication.  A few times a year, for a few weeks at a time, this detailed planet essentially goes retrograde or backwards.  Typical concerns during these periods are about all things having to do with communication, where words and intent can get jobbled and misunderstood, as well as all things mechanical, electronic and things of those nature, which will tend to act up, reminding us to go back and look over the details.  It’s no time for holiday gas-n-go trips where you just fill up the gas tank and take to the road.  Check your engine fluids, put air in those tires; make sure she’s “sea-worthy.”

When it comes to holiday shopping and buying gifts online, check your orders for on-time shipping, check your credit card statements and make sure you’re not being double-charged.  Back up your computer and guard your identity with some stealthy virus protection.  As for buying electronics, it’s not such a great time.  The current retrograde ends on December 13, which doesn’t leave you a lot of time to shop between then and Christmas, but if your goal is a hassle-free holiday, I’d take care if I were you.

Already three friends of mine have had a computer that wouldn’t boot up, so it got booted out, a pre-lit Christmas tree that sparkled for two days until every last ornament was on it, before it decided it didn’t want to sparkle anymore, and a big screen TV turned out to be such a big hassle that it had to go back to the store not once, but twice.   Mercury in retrograde is nothing to fool with.

I follow the school of thinking that anything so important an event as Mercury in retrograde deserves its reverence.  The universe may fulfill wishes, but it also deserves and demands its “props.”  Therefore, I like to give such transit one or two days of leeway on both sides, that is to say a day or two before and after it starts is much safer than jumping on the bandwagon as the clock strikes the moment it begins and ends.  In those one or two days, Mercury doesn’t move forward again, it kind of stands still.  You can’t put a car in forward motion into full reverse or vice versa in a moment’s notice without dropping the transmission.

Still, I’m doing it and everyone is doing it – online shopping.  Life goes on.  I’m not saying don’t shop for the holidays, I’m saying, do it with care.  Take the necessary precautions to guard yourself against possible problems.

To learn what part of your chart Mercury is now most currently touching, you can look up where Mercury was at the time of your birth, what “house” it was born in, and where that sits in conjunction to the current placement of Mercury in Sagittarius.

KEEP ON SHOPPING, BUT DO IT WITH CARE (and if you buy electronics, make sure you find out the return policy before you say “I do.”)

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