The Weekly Planets and Stars – July 9, 2012


Uranus –

Review, Revise, Revamp

Two planets turn retrograde this week – Uranus and Mercury.  Both retrogrades are borne in fire signs in which they will remain during their entire retrograde cycles.  While you might be familiar Mercury retrogrades and the rules that apply to it, you may be wondering about what happens when Uranus turns retrograde.  Let’s see:

Thursday – July 12

Uranus Retrograde in Aries – July 13 to December 13, 2012

As one of the outer planets, Uranus can have a profound overall effect on the lives of everyone on the planet.  Uranus represents originality and reinvention, revolution and the science of life.  Notably, when this planet retrogrades it is actually in its most powerful state, building pressure that result in explosive changes.  In these changing and very volatile times in our history, I personally find the Uranus retrograde to be another powerful cog in the wheel of change that is upon us both historically and personally.  This retrograde will take place for exactly five months, giving it plenty of time to build up pressure and really impact current and future events.

Adding fuel to the fiery winds of change, don’t forget that we have just experienced number one in a series of seven Uranus-Pluto squares (June 24, 2012).  The second in the series will occur during this retrograde on September 18, 2012.  This aspect increases awareness that change Is not only needed, but imminent in our society on all levels close and far-reaching.  Pluto, the transformer planet, is also in retrograde in regimented Capricorn – a retrograde which began in April and ironically ends on the same day of the second Uranus-Pluto square (September 18).

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I like to look at the positive side of things, even when I’m being somewhat cynical (she said, jokingly).  I like to think of all the current and future changes spurred on by the astrological energies are completely necessary, eye-opening and uplifting.  Aside from the shaking up of governments, financial institutions which have forever changed our lives and will continue to do so, advances in science, personal and spiritual awareness are also on the rise.  We are tearing down the false structures and beliefs we have come to see as commonplace, and are slowly starting to rely on the basics of life including human kindness and compassion, reliance on faith over finance (although no one here is knocking finance) and a better understanding of where we’ve been and where we’ll all go from here.


Mercury –

Friday – July 13

Mercury Retrograde in Leo – July 14 to August 8.

Mercury retrogrades three times a year on average (sometimes four times in a year), so it’s quite possible you already know the standard drill that goes along with this transit.  Mercury, the planet of communication, can interrupt messages, communications, even the way in which our messages are conveyed by the recipient(s).  It’s not advised to purchase expensive items or anything electronic, as it’s likely you’ll be dissatisfied or it simply won’t work.  Signing contracts is also a no-no when it comes to this transit.  As I like to think, anything worth committing to should still be available in three weeks, and if not, then maybe it wasn’t really meant to be in the first place.  I consider missed opportunities more like dodging bullets.  If something comes along that you’re supposed to have, it will be given to you again in a different way that makes more sense to you.

What to do during Mercury retrograde:  Do go back to visit places that have had meaning to you in your life.  Do visit old friends and far-away family you haven’t seen (book the flights or plan the trips well in advance of the retrograde).

What not to do during Mercury retrograde:  Don’t purchase expensive or electronic items.  Don’t go on trips without checking the mechanics of your car (don’t just gas and go).  Don’t sign contract or send emails to someone you’re upset with (you’ll regret it later).

Like eclipses, Mercury retrogrades take on a decided theme or element.  This year two of the three Mercury retrogrades will happen in fire signs.  The current Mercury retrograde in Leo and the coming November 6 retrograde in Sagittarius is indicative of the Gemini-Sagittarius theme in this year’s overall chart.  The eclipses, the building up of planets and astrological real estate happening in both signs give us a more optimistic spin on all the revolution happening around us.  We are more hopeful (Sagittarius influence), we see both sides to situations (Gemini influence).

Even if you’ve been less-than-hopeful about your personal situation, changes that occur during the second half of 2012 should help you turn your thinking to more inventive and emotionally prosperous times.  It won’t all be easy, but it is all necessary to our spiritual awareness and our physical transition into the future.  Make the most of it and see these as positive times.

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