Your Money Horoscope: December 2016

Ending the Year With a Bang and a Binge

December Money Horoscope

The December Money Horoscope is a mixed bag of twists, turns and tricks. Overall, the picture is pretty bright for nearly every sign. There will be some difficult aspects, but it seems the planets are feeling the holiday season as much as we are. Mercury will enter practical Capricorn, but Venus will move into unpredictable Aquarius, a sign with a mind of its own. We end this year and begin next year with Mercury in retrograde (December 19, 2016 through January 8, 2017), signaling a slowdown in practically everything we rely on during the holidays—travel, money, and finding the right gift, just to name a few. Venus will add a feeling of fun and celebration to the last week of December, but she’s not paying attention to the checkbook, so you’ll have to. Here’s your December Money Horoscope!

Remember, my little horoscope-loving, holiday shopping blog readers … clicking the link above will take you to … no, not the mall …. no, not the North Pole … but to my article’s home on the blog at  See what December has in store for your Sun sign and your money.  Forewarned is forearmed I always say.

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