3 New Valentine’s Day Rules

valentine's dayValentine’s Day: There’s a New Cupid in Town

It’s that time of year again—Valentine’s Day. Can’t you just envision those cute little cherubs flittering about with their bows and arrows pointed straight at your heart? Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about love and romance, right? Then why do so many of us view that day with dread and disappointment?

The truth is that there’s almost as much stress associated with Valentine’s Day as there is with Christmas! But, it’s time to get back to basics and it’s time to implement some new Valentine’s Day rules that are more in line with feeling love and appreciation—not just for others, but for ourselves as well. There’s a new Cupid in town and he’s got three new Valentine’s Day rules he wants to enact!

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Ladies, do you want to spend all day, biting your nails, waiting for your true love to come through with some sort of romantic gesture on this holiday? Guys, do you want to feel the wrath and reprisal that comes with not giving your ladies a heart-shaped box of chocolate or more? Let’s get on board with banishing unfulfilled expectations!

Valentine’s Day Rule No. 1: If You’re Single, Get Out!

If you’re feeling “singled out” on this romantic holiday, don’t. Think about it; this has to be the one day of the year where it’s practically guaranteed that anyone you meet at a club, a bookstore (or anywhere other than a dimly lit restaurant) is more than likely single too. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and have a good time without worrying if the person you just swapped numbers with is secretly married or otherwise romantically entangled. All of the entangled people are likely out with their co-entanglers, so don’t stay home. If you’re single, get out and mingle on Valentine’s Day. You can hug your couch on the other 364 days of the year.

Valentine’s Day Rule No. 2: If You’re Attached, Try Trading Places

The Valentine’s Day we’ve all come to know is about couples, romance and love…. [Click Here to keep reading].

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