Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope

Valentines-Horoscope-200Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope Turns Up the Heat

When I looked at the astrological lineup for your Valentine’s Day Horoscope, I saw both difficult angles and inspiring aspects—not too different from love and life in real time. Valentine’s Day is an astrological mixed bag of tricks, including Mercury in retrograde, but I believe that Mars in the partnership sign of Libra will make the most profound connection to the Full Moon in fiery, luxury-loving Leo. After all, what is love without a few sparks?


With the Full Moon in fellow Fire Sign Leo (your love and creativity sector) and Mars (your ruling planet) in your partnership house, it’s likely that you’ll think of a unique way to express your feelings for someone special and vice-versa. It’s also very likely that a romantic dinner will turn up the heat.


On Valentine’s Day the luxury-minded Full Moon in Leo plays well with your luxury-loving style. Host a party over the coming weekend to celebrate the joys of partnership (or singlehood). You’re a star at work this week, so treat yourself to a little fun and frivolity. You’ll be happy you did.


Mars is not only emphasizing partnerships this Valentine’s Day, it’s also in your house of true love and it’s making a great connection with the Full Moon in a sign compatible to yours. Making Valentine’s Day a 3-day-weekend getaway is just what the romance doctor ordered. Connections deepen.


Love and security are your two most treasured life notions and Valentine’s Day makes it possible to have both. You’ll be so excited about solidifying your professional life path in a positive direction that you’ll feel like dancing and celebrating with someone special. See, you can have it all.

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