Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope: Promises and Plans


Commitment and Good Fortune are in the Stars

Your Valentine’s Day horoscope has plenty to say about promises and plans for the future as well as fidelity and good fortune. On the weekend just before Valentine’s Day the Aquarius Sun will flirt with both lucky and expansive Jupiter and karmic Saturn. Therefore, expect feelings of joy to surround you as well as a sense of security that is supportive of long-term goals.

Partnerships and Togetherness

On Valentine’s Day, the Moon will be in the sign of Libra, a sign that thrives on partnerships and togetherness, and one of two Sun signs with Venus as its ruling planet. You couldn’t ask for a more “love-is-in-the-air” placement, but there is more. The Moon is moving ever closer to Jupiter in the same sign. Whether you’re single, dating or already [keep reading]

{Sorry to post this so late in the day, but horoscopes are always fun to read anyway – so I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day horoscope.  I got delayed – I had a little trouble downloading the pic from CP’s blog, so I borrowed a pic from my sister-in-law’s FB page – Thank Boop!}

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