The Secret to Loving Your Beautiful, Imperfect Life

Beautiful Imperfect LifeLearn to Love Your Imperfect Life!

If you feel like your life is imperfect, you’re in good company. No one’s life is perfect. But that doesn’t mean you can’t love your imperfect life, just the way it is!

Remember 3 Things

When it comes to loving your imperfect life, there are three things to remember:

Love Exactly Who You Are

You may wish you were taller, richer, thinner and blonder. You may wish you lived in a beautiful mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You may wish to have and be everything you aren’t, but who is to say having and being all these things would make you any happier? In fact, you may find that being your version of perfect opens up a whole host of problems you never anticipated. Instead, love yourself for who you are, right at this moment.

Believe That Something Good Always Comes From Something Bad

Believe it or not, there is good in everything. It may be hard to recognize the good, especially when you are going through something difficult, but trust me, it’s there. Know that the Universe doesn’t want people to experience pain and suffering, but sadly, people do. But pain elicits empathy in others (an important human emotion), it expands awareness, it causes people to work together and it allows others to be grateful for …. [click here to keep reading …]

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