The Weekly Planets and Stars – March 26, 2012

Depending on Your Point of View

Depending upon how you look at this week’s astrological aspects, you could find it trying, or you might just find it inspiring.  Although I myself am guilty at times of seeing the gloom in the room, I’m inspired by events such as we are experiencing this week, and this year, to see the brighter side of things, to see the beauty in the beasts, the necessity to erase fears and dream the impossible.  Maybe, hopefully, you will find that inspiration in your own world this week.  Just see the beauty in life as a whole instead of analyzing it in small parts.


On Tuesday, March 27th – the Sun and will begin catching up to Venus, as Venus begins to move slower nearing its retrograde phase.  A pair of handy binoculars will allow you to see the most visible planet even more closely as it’s illuminated.  Venus, high in the sky will look much brighter.1   Do you remember seeing Venus and Jupiter tango in the sky a week or so ago.  This will even be more breathtaking and it will last a good month.

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1 Uncharted – Venus at its Greatest” – Len Wallick, 03-26-2012 for

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