Meditation For People Who Can’t Sit Still

Got Ant in Your Pants?

If you’re one of those people who can never sit through a movie without playing Solitaire, checking your email or if you’re just basically a multi-tasker who can’t sit still EVER … then you’re like me.

I can hear some of you poo-poo’ing this notion of meditation right now, but try to stick with me for a minute.

As someone who often gets to write articles about such things as numerology, astrology and self-love, I’ve been noticing that a lot of these things – actually all of these things connect on some level.  I’m still in the midst of piecing it all together, but one thing I know for sure, they really do connect. The trouble is when they don’t connect the way they should, at least when I try to transfer it onto paper.

But there are some times when life gets busy and I have to put my pursuits aside (my numerology chart for 2013 told me as much – and come to think of it so did my astrology chart) for various and sundry reasons.  And when I come back into my “sacred space” and try to create something – even if it’s something I’ve been dying to put down on paper for days, I find that I’m blank.  I’m emotionally spent, I’m depleted and the brain reservoir is drier than a desert.

It’s frustrating and really it just leads to even greater stagnation.  All of the sudden I start doubting myself and doubting whether the idea had any merit to begin with and sometimes, I have to sadly admit, I chuck the idea aside because it’s just easier than trying to find the words to put on paper.

I can’t imagine how many great ideas I’ve lost that way – but if the universe is as kind, as I know it can be, maybe it’ll orbit the words back into my brain when I’m ready to finally get it out there. Yeah, okay, that’s nice but sometimes – I don’t want to wait. Uggg.

But why wait and hope for those moments when you don’t have to?  Why can’t you create your moments on paper or on video or whatever your venue is when you finally get a moment alone to actually do the work?  Because our brains are cluttered with crap.

Shopping, work, friends, family and life all take up our time – and those are certainly not crap, but add in the social media, the television media, the outside disruptions and distractions and the long lists of things to do and it can get overwhelming – well at least it can for me.

Try Meditation

meditationsI don’t know how many times I’ve tried different meditation techniques or practices – and when I do, all I can think about is stuff like, I have to get my oil changed in my car, holy cow did I pay the electric bill on time, did I schedule any appointments this week, I wonder what my cousin wants for her birthday – it’s maddening.

And then I found Deepak Chopra. I mean I’ve known about the guy for years, I’ve listened to him and studied him – I’ve admired the way he’s always so relaxed like someone who has never tried a cup of coffee in his lifetime – and I thought, I’d give anything to be like that for just 10 or 15 minutes a day!  I need something to keep the wheels from spinning constantly – even in my sleep – I need a break.

Well, thanks to Ms. Oprah Winfrey, Deepak finally got to me.  Why?  How?  – You ask good questions.


Deepak has teamed up with Ms. Winfrey and they have developed a FREE online 21-day meditation course.  If you look at as purposefully sitting down even for a few minutes a day and consciously shutting out “stuff,” it really can make a difference in your world.  Of course each of the 21 days won’t be there forever – they’re only available for 5 days beyond the first day.  Technically the site is on Day 7, but you can still listen to Day 3 through Day 7 if you go here now – you can sign up with email, twitter, Facebook – they make it really easy.

It’s called a 21-Day Meditation Experience, but the link says “challenge” which I have to admit appealed to me – it was a challenge, something else TO DO.  They have tricky little marketers over there at the Chopra Center.  I would say putting the world “challenge” in the title was a big subconscious catalyst to getting me on the site to begin with.

I’ve been able to do four days in a row so far … I’m pretty proud of myself.  And as Deepak says, the effects are cumulative.  I guess it’s kind of like going to the gym and working your body – over time you see results; they’re cumulative.   And he also says that if you can’t do the whole thing – no biggie – do it for as long as you feel comfortable, doing a little more each day.  I love the no-pressure tactics.  Works for me.

And for those of us who have trouble getting our bums to the gym on a regular basis, those sneaking marketing people even send you a daily email reminder (I signed up through email).  It kind of makes you go there.

The meditations are peaceful and relaxing – and I have to tell you, in only four days I’ve come up with some pretty revolutionary ideas that I knew were just bubbling at the surface of my brain, but they were getting suppressed by noise and busy-ness.   You’re not supposed to think about them WHILE your meditating, but if you finish meditating and go do something totally unrelated, next thing you know you’ll find yourself grabbing a pen and the nearest piece of paper so you can write down the epiphany you just had.

I highly recommend this Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience.

If you want to meditate and you don’t think you can – you can.

If you’re so busy you can’t stop for 15  minutes (on a Sunday no less), than you’re busier than me, that’s for sure.

If you have been “stuck” as they say and your mind is just one jumbled muck you can’t pull an idea out of,  this is for you.

And last but not least, if I’m able to sit down for 10-15 minutes and meditate – anyone can, trust me on that one.

Side Chuckle:  If Oprah married Deepak – her name would be Oprah Chopra – could you imagine?  It sounds like a Star Wars character, doesn’t it?

Now, go on and Meditate and enjoy it – it’s FREE and it’ll make you happy.


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    • You will – everyone can – you just have to find what works for you – it’s like shutting off your cell phone overnight every night, it allows the updates to upload – a free-flowing information exchange LOL. Tell me how it goes, I’d love to know – best of luck. LJ

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