Your Venus Love Horoscope for September 2013

venus-love-horoscope-150Venus in Libra

In September we continue to find Venus in Libra, the partnership sign. This is one of her domains and where she is most at home and in control. Compared to last month’s square with Pluto and opposition to Uranus, this month Venus in Libra is fairly quiet and no doubt resting after her recent encounters.

Venus in Scorpio

On the 11th Venus enters into Scorpio where she has the ability to transform your love life. Here Venus can be sexy, vixen-like, savvy and sometimes calculating. Think Xena Warrior Princess with perfume on. Let me show you what I mean:

• On the 13th Venus trines Neptune in Pisces. A highly-romantic underwater encounter awaits.

• On the 18th Venus conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio. It’s a powerful union where business comes first, but a lot of fun comes afterward.

• Also on the 18th, Venus expresses her freedom of choice when she decides … [keep reading]

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