Your Weekly Money Horoscope – September 16-22, 2013

money-horoscope-september-16-150Your Horoscope Says Goodbye to Summer

The last official week of summer is a busy one, not just here on Earth, but in the stars as well. Here’s a detailed explanation of your horoscope. As the week begins, commerce-driven Mercury and get-it-done Mars work together to make your life run smoothly when it comes to forming plans and taking action. On Wednesday, Venus conjuncts Saturn. Venus gives you the urge to splurge, but Saturn would prefer you earn more first. Get work out of the way and then have some fun. If a plan isn’t working for you, Pluto helps you to renegotiate the terms. Thursday hosts a fun-loving Full Moon in Pisces which is pleasantly supported by other planets also in water signs. It’s a good day, despite Mercury’s opposition to unpredictable Uranus, which might make monetary matters a little tense, but short-lived. Transformational Pluto returns to forward motion as the weekend starts, just in time to celebrate the coming of fall on Sunday with the Autumn Equinox, as the Sun enters Libra. Happy Birthday Libras!

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