Your Venus Love Horoscope for August 2013

venus-horoscope-august-150Venus and the Virgin
Your Venus Love Horoscope for August begins with Venus in the sign of Virgo where she’ll remain until the 15th. While Virgo is often called the virgin, sexually, it is anything but. As an Earth sign, Virgo loves to explore the pleasures of the physical with abandon, and that trait is only amplified with Venus in this sign. For instance, on the 2nd, lovely Venus in Virgo forms a cozy angle to powerfully sexy Mars in Cancer and you couldn’t ask for a better night to “snuggle” with someone special.

Venus and the Partnership Sign
From the 16th through the end of August (through September 10 actually) Venus will be in the partnership sign of Libra, a sign she rules. When Venus is in Libra, she is constantly trying to find balance in matters of love and money, her two favorite subjects.

As in all partnerships, there is neither all sunshine nor all rain. On the 24th Venus squares off with transformative Pluto in Capricorn and it’s time to watch investments more closely and to uncover any missing details. Also from the 24th through the 26th, an opposition to chaotic Uranus means that in love and money, unpredictability is the only thing we can count on. With the focus on finance so intense, Venus again looks to balance herself by spending the remainder of August focused on love and relationships.  [… keep reading]

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