Numerology: Uncover Your Hidden Passions

To Live Life Without Passion is to Merely Exist

hidden-passion-150We’re all here for a purpose—most of us would agree on that. But what is our hidden passion, and how do we find it? In numerology we can find the answers to all of our questions, and the way to uncover your hidden passion(s) is to find your Hidden Passion Number.

To find your Hidden Passions Number, we must first look at your name (as it is written on your birth certificate) and translate it into numbers. The number that appears most often in your name will reveal your hidden talents and passions, unlocking a world a possibility and allowing you to live your most fulfilling life.

Your Hidden Passion Number can run between 1 and 9. Click here  to find your passion number (chart included) and for a brief explanation of what each number means and also just a few career suggestions that align with your true passions.

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