Freelancer Frenzied – Mercury, Mercury, Mercury

You know how I always advise everyone to let the energy of a Mercury retrograde subside before attempting to embark on projects that it may screw up – communications, electrical, computerized, mechanical, etc., etc. – and you know how people, as a rule, rarely follow their own advice?  Well let me be the first to tell you – I need to start following my own advice.  I saw a copywriting job in my email today – I subscribe to this job post and they email me possible jobs – it sounded like my kind of job.  I revamped my resume, filled out their extensive application and did the soft/hard sell on my various writing skills and “powers of persuasion.”

After I completed the page – taking the better part of an hour to do it – I hit the “Next” button to continue – even though I thought to myself … “Next?  What else could they possibly want to know about me?”

They asked for my sex and ethnicity – two things that I assumed were not legal to ask, but what do I know – I filled it in and hit the “Enter” button.  And this is what the screen said:

“I’m sorry, you’re not eligible to apply for this position … blah, blah, blah … because you are not a member … blah, blah, blah.”

Okay – one, I am a member or else how could you be sending me emails about copywriting jobs.  Two, I signed into the site earlier with no problem.  Three, before stabbing my computer with my pen (not my computer’s fault), I emailed them to voice my “concerns.”  Four, when I went to re-sign into my account, they said they never heard of me – either of my two working emails.

This is a typical Mercury retrograde aggravation experience.

So listen up (self) … The Mercury retro is over as of yesterday, but it’s just positioning itself into a stationary position and ramping up to forward motion again … give it a few days beyond the end date before embarking on online applications, buying electronics and driving to distant places without checking tire pressure, oil, etc. – in other words … proceed with caution in all matters monetary, mobile and communicative.

Again, I’m a Cancer, and I tend to be emotional.  I try not to let that flow into my professional work – as it’s very unprofessional to vent your frustrations aloud or in writing – but this day got off to a late start and it’s quickly spiraling out of control.  Time to regroup, take a deep breath, do the morning meditation that I skipped and find another way to apply to that job – preferably in a few days.

Working freelance is challenging, but starting things during this energy makes it downright impossible.  I’ll give it ’til Wednesday before I start again.

I just wanted to show you how tricky this energy can be – Mercury retrogrades are not always a bad thing and I don’t think that avoiding all things mechanical and otherwise are always necessary, we should just proceed with caution, most notably around the few days surrounding the change both before and after a retrograde period.

Our next Mercury retrograde is June 26 through July 20, 2013 and it just happens to be in my sign, Cancer.  Just thought you’d want to know.

As I always say, forewarned is forearmed.  Have a good day.  🙂

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