Your Mercury Retrograde Forecast

mercury-retrograde-forecast-150Mercury Retrograde: Cosmic and Karmic Connections

On October 21, Mercury will turn retrograde (through November 10) for the last time in 2013. All three water signs were hosts to the three retrogrades this year, each taking a turn. This time Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio, the sign that rules sex, taxes, fantasy, life after death, intuitiveness, what is hidden beneath the surface and more. There’s a lot happening in Scorpio between October and mid-November and it’s all connected due to karmic Saturn.

This month in general is a good month to slow down processes. Mercury turns retrograde on the heels of an eclipse, so look for connections between what happened then, what happens during and after Mercury’s retrograde and next month’s solar eclipse (also in Scorpio). By next month you will see how it all unfolds.  Click here to read more … Your Mercury Retrograde Forecast

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