Weekly StarBuzz

Wednesday the Sun Enters Aries – it’s the spring equinox and the beginning of a new astrological year.  But that’s not all that the planets have in store for us …

Sunday – (03/17/2013)

Mercury goes direct in Pisces – the end of the Mercury retrograde is finally here.  Some have had a difficult time during this retrograde while others have been able to take advantage of it’s stop-review-regroup properties.  Hopefully yours was not that bad.  Mercury will continue in Pisces for about a month (a little less) and then it will join the next “crown of stars” in Aries.  More on the “crown of stars in Aries” later.

Tuesday – (03/19/2013)

It’s a first quarter Moon for us on Tuesday.  Just about the time most ESDT-people will be returning from lunch and coming back to work, there may be some urgency or chaos in the office.  I know not everyone works in an office; I don’t – but I used to and that’s the picture I get in my head when I think about this particular first quarter Moon.

The Moon will be in Gemini at the time it directly squares with the Pisces Sun.  Other possibilities are that you might rub someone the wrong way without meaning to or give people the wrong impression of yourself and you’ll feel the need to get the story straightened out – somewhat urgently.  First quarter Moons are squares and squares are hard angles – and as the term would imply, they can be hard – tough – uncomfortable.  I made a minor Moon mistake in my previous blog, and quickly corrected it – a typical quarter moon energy mistake – my reputation as an accurate astrology reporter was at stake all because of a simple goof – I felt the urgency for sure.  As a Cancer, I’m extremely sensitive to the ebb and flow of the Moon, and as you can see, sometimes the energy is apparent even prior to the event.

The Moon will move in to Cancer at around 3pm.

Wednesday (03/20/2013)

Happy Astrological New Year – It’s the Spring Equinox

The Sun enters Aries and we start to feel revitalized.  Aries is also very impulsive and as a cardinal sign Aries likes to initiate stuff spontaneously.  You’ll notice the energy around everyone is a little “springier” and it’s an appropriate energy for some spring cleaning.  Why not start the new astrological year off with a clean slate, while you have this burst of energy to help.  Tabula Rasa!

Thursday (03/21/2013)

Venus joins the adventurousness of Aries when she moves in on Thursday – but she won’t be staying long; she’ll be sauntering off to Taurusville by mid-April.  While she was in Pisces, love was living in a dreamstate.  Pisces is imaginative, mystical and can change its mind with a whim.

When Venus moves into crazy-in-love-with-love Aries, the gloves come off and romance “springs” into action.  In my head I can hear the words to that Foreigner song, “It feels like the first time …” and that’s just the way Aries like it.  It’s a great time to initiate anything, romantic or otherwise.

Friday (03/22/2013)

Mars conjuncts unpredictable, revolutionary Uranus in … yep, you guessed it, Aries.  Rushing around, rushing to judgment and rushing to speak up are all impulses you may feel, but that should also be your signal to do exactly the opposite.  Mars is strong in his home Aries – and when headstrong warriors meet uproarious planetary energy things could ignite quite easily.  This is one of those “bite your tongue” kind of days.

Remember, with astrology forewarned is forearmed.  I hope you feel like I’ve prepared you for the energy ahead in the road – not so you can absorb the shock, but so you can drive around it. 

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