The Weekly Planets and Stars – October 8-14

Last week was eventful with Virgo, Saturn and Mars all changing signs and Jupiter’s retrograde – there are certainly many changes afoot in the skies and that’s probably evident in your own life.

If at first you don’t succeed “trine, trine” again (because now’s the time to do it).  There are several lovely trines (angles) happening this week.  This week starts off with a beautiful trine of the Sun and lucky Jupiter.  When any planet is touched by the power of the Sun, you can bet that that planet’s best aspects are doubled, even tripled.

Monday – October 8

The Sun in Libra forms a great angle to Jupiter in Gemini.  It’s a great day astrologically speaking so make sure you get out and make the most of it.

Venus, now in Virgo forms a nice angle with Pluto and Capricorn – another good reason to get up and go to work today – you could get noticed for all the good you do – and if you’re thinking of asking for a raise or some other perk, today would be a stellar day to bend the boss’ ear.

Tuesday – October 9

Mercury and Pluto send good vibes to each other – again anything to do with work should go well today.  Maybe you’re making a presentation and if so, it will go better than you expected.  If you got that raise you asked for yesterday, think about how you can invest your money and make it work for you.

Wednesday – October 10

Saturn in get-the-job-done” Scorpio forms a good angle to Neptune in artistic-expression Pisces.  If you bake cookies, share then with friends – actually anything you do from the creative part of your soul gets noticed in a good way and friends and others may encourage you to turn it into a new career.

Sunday – October 14

Mars, now in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries – with all that fire sign energy backing two planets that shake things up and get things done and this day is just as stellar as Monday was.  You may get the travel bug, even if it’s just a short trip.  Do something that inspires you and you won’t be sorry.


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