The Weekly Planets and Stars


Neptune's Return

Find Your Spiritual Center

We will see a lot of action this year in Water Signs, like Pisces.   Pisces, the romantic dreamer, puts a spiritual spin on all we do.  We give special thought to all we do before we act, which isn’t a bad thing.

February 1 – Venus opposes Mars

While Mars (now retrograde) in Aquarius goes back to meet his lover, Venus, in dreamy Pisces, there’s a chance that an old lover or someone special from your past could come knocking at your door.  Either that, or you will have a chance to go over some recent events in your love life and possibly get a “do-over.”

February 3 – Neptune enters Pisces

In April Neptune entered Pisces for the first time since the 1800s, and then it went retrograde in June.  While retrograde Neptune returned to Aquarius, and on Friday it re-enters Pisces for a long visit lasting until 2026.  As part of the collective world change in thought I’ve spoken about before, this is a major event, and once again Pisces is a major player.

While this transit resonates on the collective, we are still urged to put a spiritual spin on all we do personally.  Listen to your heart and go your own path.   Each world-class change begins with a single thought or action.  If everyone, individually, evokes spiritual goodness, the world as a whole cannot help but change for the better.




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