The Planets and Stars – Week of November 12, 2012

On Sunday 11/11 it was Veteran’s Day – [I hope we all took a moment to thank our Veterans for their devotion and sacrifice all in the name of love of our great country] – Neptune goes direct in Pisces – ruler of the deeper ocean and our subconscious thoughts has been working his magic on our dreams and our feelings while moving further inward Neptune’s home, Pisces.  Now moving forward again, slowly we can take what we learned while looking inward and utilize the best of it in our daily lives.

On Tuesday 11/13 there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  Generally speaking, for all signs, New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings; eclipses can shake things up a bit, but it’s up to us to welcome changes we can’t control gracefully and realize that new beginnings can be good things.  Even when we don’t want something to change – ultimately, it can turn into something positive.

Wednesday 11/14 Retrograde Mercury slips out of Sagittarius and into Scorpio.  Mercury rules communications and while travelling backwards into secretive Scorpio, some secrets can come out.  Conversely, if something’s been bugging you, you could realize your true feelings about the situation, while weighing the good against the bad.

On Friday 11/16 Saturn and Uranus make a great angle to one another – it is discipline and structure meets eccentricity and originality – or – karma meets revolution – this forms a quirky kind of energy, soon to be balanced by Mars’ entry into stabilizing Capricorn on the 17th.

We come full circle on Friday when Mars, now in Capricorn, sextiles Neptune in Pisces – if you’ve put some passion of yours on the backburner for whatever reason, revive it – bring it to the forefront – it’s time you had a little more passion in your life (we could all use it) and who knows, you could find that something you love doing is also something that will bring you to a new career.

Overall, it’s a pleasant and exciting week.  If you run into a rough spot – not saying you will but if you do, just keep your eyes on the future – a goal, a desire, a change for the better.

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