Your Numerology and Astrology Guides to 2017

Catching up to the New Year


For those of you who subscribe to this blog, some of you may have been wondering, “Where are the January posts from ArtfulArticles?”  I’ve been super busy with writing assignments, working on my two websites which I plan on launching this year and keeping up with the usual end-of-the-year stuff – all of which has caused me to be remiss in my posting.  My apologies.

Mercury Retrograde 2016-2017

Good news is that it’s only the 6th of January; we’re still in the first week of this new year.  Mercury retrograde is about to end in a few days (add about 3 days onto that for good measure), but in case you’re wondering what the heck was going on in your life for the last three weeks, why everything seemed to be difficult to complete or life itself seemed to be put on hold, here’s your answer: “The Mercury Retrograde forecast for your Sun sign.”  This retrograde began in December 2016 and it will end in January 2017 (“yay”) – which brings us into the current year. 2017.  There’s more …

Numerology 2017

Next up on the agenda is your numerology and astrology forecasts for 2017.  First a look at your personal year in numerology:  “2017 – Your Personal Year in Numergolgy.”  The year 2017 has it’s own vibration; it’s a number one year, the beginning of a new 9-year cycle.  This is probably the best year in the cycle because it’s all about new beginnings and initiating changes.  Last year’s 9-energy will still carry over into this month a little, giving you time to clear the clutter in your life and maybe even some relationships that are proving unpleasant or unproductive.  That’s all up to you and your free will.  If you do clear the decks of unwanted stuff, however, know that you’re making more room for new and more pleasant things to come into your life.  You, as an individual, also have a yearly vibration which is based on the day of your birth and the current year, so don’t forget to read what your current year will focus on in “Your Personal Year in Numerology.”

January Money Horoscope 2017

Which brings us now to “Your January Money Horoscope – 2017.”   This is a look at your finances for the month of January, so it’s still relevant news (albeit late).

From me to you, a Very Happy New Year~

Note:  Most of your know, but for those of you who don’t, the majority of the posts that I’ve linked to on this blog are my personal creations which have been posted on the blog.  Each time you click on a link, as above, a new window will open up and you’ll be taken to the CP blog while keeping this page open as well.  I love, love, love comments/likes/and those of you who share.  

Thank you for another wonderful year passed and I look forward to an even better year to come for us all.



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