From Imagination to Realization: Using the Law of Attraction

Creating Your Own Reality

The Law of Attraction says that anything you can imagine having in your life can absolutely become a realization. That which you give the most thought to is what is manifested in life. Justifiably, this works as well for negative thinking as it does positive; the Law of Attraction is absolute. So let go of those nasty, negative thoughts and replace them with some positive affirmations.

A Magnetic Life

You are a magnet, a being of light and part of the universe. You are the creator of your experience here on Earth. Without exception what you believe in thought becomes something that you invite into your experience. It’s not always instantaneous and just because you dream tonight of an Audi A8 doesn’t mean that you’re going to wake up and have it magically manifest in your garage in the morning with a big red bow on it—a gift from the Universe. But if that is your wish, you can definitely make it possible by envisioning yourself reaching that goal.

Ways to Get From Imagination to Realization

Okay, let’s use the Audi as an example focal point. If you want that car in your garage, you can get [keep reading]

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