Weekly Planets and Stars

What Just Happened?

(May 13) I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, spent with those you love. You should have had a great day no matter who you are since today the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus. Mercury (also in Taurus) trine Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn – an Earthly trine that makes for a nice down-to-earth, feel good day. Also (as if that wasn’t enough) Saturn and Venus will be close at hand – and as I may have alluded to before – it was a five star day.

For this Week …

Speaking of Venus, on Wednesday (May 15) Venus begins her retrograde in Gemini – Venus is spending an exorbitant amount of time in Gemini this year (well, a lot for Venus). Venus arrived in April and thanks to the retrograde period (in which Venus won’t leave Gemini at all) she’ll be here when she moves forward again at the end of June where she’ll rest until the first week of August before moving on. That’s crazy long for Venus to be anywhere, and it’s very auspicious. There’s more on Venus’ agenda coming up soon (in June) so she’s having quite a year.

When Venus retrogrades it’s about the people we love and/or our financials. Venus being in Gemini means that this period will be (as it’s been) about communication. In retrogrades we go back and look over what has transpired and we ponder it. If something’s working it’s easy to move forward, if it hasn’t, retrogrades give you time to figure out a new way to make it work if possible. (click here to see the rest of the week’s forecast) (Annular Solar Eclipse) (Armed Forces Day) …

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