Finding Your Source of Inspiration

When I had two or three jobs at once – a full-time legal assistant and various writing jobs – I was empowered and enthusiastic to change my life. I wanted to be able to take myself out of the 9-5 environment that I felt was robbing me of the best hours of my day when my brain was working at its peak. People would tell me that with the economy the way it was, it was not a good time to wish for freedom from that, but inside I knew the time was right. I had so much inside of me that I wanted to share with others.

I saw this, I envisioned it, and I made it happen. Yes, I got laid off of my full-time job, but I believe that because the energy was there, the intention was there, that I was set free from that. Yes I follow astrology and I believe the energy from the planets and their transits can be harnassed to guide us to our dreams and guide us around obstacles and astrologically speaking, the time was also right. But spiritually speaking, every fiber in my being told me that I was meant to do more. To first work on my own spirituality and empathy towards others, and to use my abilities to help others.

As I reinforced that intention in my life, things started coming to me – a copywriting course I wanted to take suddenly got seriously discounted and I was able to take it. An online marketing course that usually costs thousands of dollars suddenly had a small window in which it was offered for $200, and I was able to take that. All of this free information about coaching, and spirituality was coming to me as if I had asked for it – and I had. I wanted to make a website that would bring people to me that needed healing and a spiritual lift, and my site name was surprisingly available and at a discount. It was all falling into place.

Reality Hit
At first, when I got laid off, I felt suddenly stuck, and I felt pressured to start my new life. But just as suddenly, I felt like the floor just dropped out on me. Suddenly I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do and even if I did, how was I going to go about it. I felt lost. Of course a lot of this was natural, after working full-time forever and a day, my whole routine was thrown off, and I found it disconcerting for a while. But the truth was that I was just tired. It was like when you take a week’s vacation and you spend most of it being tired because you normally live life so stressed. Or when you take a week off and go away running around here and there and when you go back to work, you feel like you need another vacation. I recognized this and so I gave myself time. There was of course, paperwork to take care of – I had to align my current situation with the outer elements of life – paying off bills, finding new insurance, etc. But these were just steps. And they took the pressure off of my angst – they were a diversion from overthinking things and finding my peace.

I came across another totally free spiritual summit online. The Self Worth Summit. It runs from May to August 9, and every day they have a new speaker, people that help you release negative energy and tap into your higher being. Of course I didn’t find that I clicked with every speaker but with so many to listen to I knew I was bound to find something that clicked with me, and I did. There are over 50 speakers in this series and I recommend that you check it out – and again, it’s totally free. After a speaker talks, you have 48 hour in which to listen to their presentation again. Why do I mention this – because it totally calmed me, it freed me up to think more clearly and to find my vision again. Most people speak for about an hour – and don’t you have one out of twenty-four hours a day to spend on spiritual well-being? Even if I still had all my jobs, I would find the time to do it. It’s like a workout – 20 minutes every other day does wonders for your body – an hour a day, say right before you go to sleep, listening to these fascinating people raise awareness of the power of self, is time totally worth spending on yourself. Somewhere, some one of those 50 plus speakers will click with you and help you, if to do nothing else than to sort of meditate a little – to relax your mind so that thoughts flow freer. Here’s a link to The Self Worth Summit. I hope you check it out: The Self Worth Summit

I hope you get out of it what I’ve been getting out of it. Put yourself in the mindset that you’d like to be free of minor worries that plague you and seem larger than they are. Remove obstacles and obstructions from seeing your true path. Find your vision for the future and create it – it’s all entirely possible. Since I’ve listened to just a few of these so far, I’ve felt more motivated again … I feng shuid my apartment – working in an uncluttered environment really helps; I’ve purged myself of junk and clutter that no longer served me and just seemed to add to blockage; I was able to give away things that I didn’t need that someone else needed badly and that felt good – so many things are opening up and coming together – I’m getting back on track with a clear mind and a clear vision – and I’m going to make it all happen. You can too. So many of my friends feel as I did, and they say they admire my will and determination, but I certainly didn’t get there alone. I believe that God, spirit, inspiration, dedication and working hard all lead me this far, and will take me further on my journey – one that I don’t see an end to. We never stop learning, and we shouldn’t. Have a great day. I’m going to do more work on my new website – I’ll give you a peak when it’s more final.

Oh – and don’t be afraid to let people in. There are people who want to help you or just listen to you and if you believe that and desire it – it will come to you – that is part of the power of the Laws of Attraction, something I devotely believe in. We have the ability to make things work and happen in our own lives, but we can’t always do all of it alone. No one has to be alone.

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