Don’t Plan Your Day, Just Enjoy It

This seemed like a good a time as any to give thanks to all my “followers” on WordPress, Twitter, family, friends, etc.   I love sharing ideas and thoughts, letting you get to know me, and you allowing me to know you.  Whether you’re celebrating Easter, Passover or just celebrating this beautiful spring day, whether you’re with family, or friends, or even if you’re alone with your memories, enjoy yourself.  Take time from deadlines and obligations, even if for just for this one day, to feel the sun on your face, the breeze of warm spring air.  Remember friends and family and appreciate their contribution to your life.  And most of all, enjoy your own company, no matter who you’re with or where you are.  Give thanks to God or spirit or the source of all creation, whatever you believe in, because your life is a gift – and whether you know it or not, people good and bad, have touched your life for a reason, and shaped who you’ve become, who you have yet to become, and you have touched others.  Even your smallest acts of kindness, or just a simple hello, may be the one thing that turns someone’s day around.  It may be the feeling they are reflecting on and growing from at this very moment.  May we wall have a day where we remember that sometimes the smallest things in life are the biggest, where just a smile or a hug may be all the conversation we need.  Touch others with your happiness in life’s simple pleasures, and it will spread like wild flowers across a field.  Be thankful for all you have, and know that if you feel you don’t have all you want, that it will come, and if it doesn’t, than it’s something you don’t really need.  All you need you already have, and all you are is all you need to be, even while you continue to grow in heart and spirit.  Enjoy your day, and appreciate each day for the gift that it is.  I appreciate you, your kind words, your affirmations.  It touches me deeply, and encourages me to grow each and every day.  Thank you.

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