Your Easter 2012 Forecast

Take Some Time Off & Switch Gears

In the days leading up to Easter, it’s easy to imagine all of the planets nestled in a basket like Easter eggs. Mercury finally went direct on the 4th of April, followed by a full Moon on April 6. Then we have a trying Venus square Mars on April 7. Following Easter Sunday on the 8th, Pluto goes retrograde on the 10th, and we end Easter week on April 13 with Mars back in direct motion. Easter looks like a day when the universe is taking time off and so should we all. Let’s see what’s hatching in your astrological Easter basket.

Aries: Once your ruler Mars goes direct, you’ll feel like reinventing yourself, you’re ready. But while you’re waiting, fluff up your bunny coat and socialize, enjoy the holiday.

Taurus: Mars in retrograde has been causing your little bunny nose to twitch. Drop the introspection for a day and get some artistic relief; paint some Easter eggs.

Gemini: Retrograde Mars has your brain working overtime. You’re ready to hop to it, but for Easter at least, put your feet up and enjoy some carrots and contemplation.

Cancer: Spring has sprung, and this Easter it’s time to switch from work to fun mode. Put an Easter bonnet on that noggin of yours and give it a rest.   (read more…)

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