Playing Catch-up

I’ve been  busy moving, settling in to a new place, seeing old friends, spending time with family and, of course, working.  Since I pretty much missed posting articles consistently throughout most of June, I decided to give you a quick “catch-up” on some of them – most of them – sans the ones that pertained solely to June or events in June, since it is now July.

Speaking of July – it started off with a bang!  Hope yours did to.  Fireworks were awesome last night and my cousins and I even saw a few shooting stars.  I haven’t had much time lately to keep up to date with astrological events, but suffice it to say that seeing shooting stars was not only beautiful, but something I also viewed as a good omen for the coming days of summer.  I hope all of you are enjoying summer so far, and I look forward to getting back in the swing full force very soon.

I love being back in New Jersey and closer to my family and friends and I love my WordPress family as well.  I look forward to not only catching up with my own posts, but reading all of yours as well – the ones I’ve missed and the ones to come.  As for my photo blog, I also look forward to getting out with my camera and re-discovering “home” again – a few short months away has helped me see my whole life and where I live in a completely new light.  It’s nice to have that familiar feeling while also seeing the world through fresh eyes.

Your Money Forecast for Summer 2013

Astrological GPS

Using astrology is a lot like using a navigation system. Let’s look ahead to your money horoscope for the time between the Summer Solstice on June 21 and the Vernal Equinox on September 22 so you can navigate the road ahead.

A Glimpse Ahead

Though there are many transits this summer, some of the most notable are:

• Jupiter enters Cancer (June 25, 2013 — July 2014)

• Mercury retrogrades on June 26

• Two Full Moons in Aquarius—one in July and one in August

• A triangle in water signs with Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn

• Uranus turns retrograde (July 17 — December 17)

• Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto in August (The first in 13 years.)

• Pluto, the planet of transformation, goes direct again on September 20

 Click here to read the Summer Money Forecast for your Sun Sign.


Your Horoscope for July 2013

July Planetary Highlights

Week one has its challenges with a Venus-Saturn square and Sun-Uranus square, so be careful with both your words as well as your sensitivity. On the 8th there is a New Moon in emotional and romantic Cancer on the same day Saturn goes direct for the first time since February. Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces continue the water theme of last month in their powerful triangle of energy most potent on the 17th as Mars and Jupiter join forces culminating on the 21st. The sun enters Leo on the 22nd, the same day as the Full Moon in Aquarius, (There will be another Full Moon in Aquarius next month, a rarity.) and Venus enters Virgo also on the 22nd. The Uranus-Pluto square energy is still at work and anything can happen when they land in your chart.

 Click here to read the July Forecast for your Sun Sign.


 Astrology: Who Are You Anyway, Cancer?

 A Closer Look

In astrology, your Sun sign is who you are at the core and your Moon sign is your emotional self. Together they are the foundation of you.  Your rising sign (how others see you) and all of the planets in your chart form the entire picture, but the Sun sign/Moon sign combination is the stock of your “soup.” Your Moon sign is something that’s easy to find, but doing so may leave you feeling a bit naked.

If Cancer is your Sun sign, here are all the Moon signs. Your Moon sign is determined by where the moon was at your time of birth. What does your Moon Sign say about you?

Cancerians – find your Moon sign (sign into for free and enter your birth information to find your Moon sign – or use a Moon Sign Calendar).


Numerology:  Your Expression Number

What’s in a Name?

In numerology, it is believed that your name is not an accident. Rather, your name is a vibrational manifestation of your presence and your personal expression.

Your Expression Number is determined by the name you were given at birth. If you were adopted, or you have legally changed your name through marriage or for other reasons, that new name is another layer to who you are, but your birth name is the foundation.

Your Expression Number identifies your talents and abilities. It tells you where you excel and where you might still have some work to do in this lifetime, and it’s one of the main numbers a numerologist would look at when doing a basic numerology chart.

The Numerical Value of Letters

This alpha-numerical key that will help you decipher your name’s code:











Finding Your Expression Number

Take your first, middle and last names and write them on individual lines on a page. Next, write the number that corresponds to each letter underneath using the key above.

Add each line—first separately, as in first name, and then middle name, and then last name. Reduce each individual number down to a single digit (see the examples below) unless it is a Master Number (11, 22 or 33). Once you have a number for each name, add them up (reducing the total number to a single digit)—with the exception of the Master Numbers.  [Keep reading …]


Date and Love a Cancer

Date and Love a Cancerian: Getting Close to the Crab

If you’d like to strike up a conversation with a Cancer, then you must be warned that a superficial conversation will be met with a superficial response. Cancerians are not pushovers, and if you move in too fast or too hard, they will quickly scamper off in another direction. It’s their own internal vulnerability beneath that tough outer shell that they hope you will recognize. They don’t trust easily, but if they see something in you that mirrors a part of them, they will start to open up and let you get closer.

Dating a Cancer

If you’re dating a Cancer, then you have been invited into their home. Not the place they go to sit on the couch each evening, but their heart. For Cancers home is a feeling and the security and comfort that can be found in a home is the only feeling that puts them fully at ease.

Cancers are often called moody, as they are ruled by the Moon and follow its phases closely. If you date a Cancer you should know that they prefer romance and serenity over anything. However, if you take them for granted or speak to them unkindly, they will unleash their full strength of raw emotion, in hurricane proportion. They don’t like being told what to do, even if it’s just to “calm down.”

Love and the Cancer Woman

Though she may sometimes doubt her other decisions, once she feels love, she feels no doubt. If you love a Cancer then you should make it a point to date her, even if you’re married to her. The romance should always be kept alive. A quiet walk on a beach or a dinner overlooking the ocean will make her [keep reading …]


Numerology: Reveal Your Life’s Purpose

Using Your Life Path in Practical Ways

Your Life Path Number is the most important number in numerology and in life. Your Life Path Number is exactly what its name implies: It’s the path of your life, the road you’ll take, the chances and opportunities you’ll be able to take advantage of and even the obstacles you may encounter. You can use your Life Path Number to guide you in many practical ways, including in your career.

To figure out your Life Path number, write down your birthday as shown in the example and find your Life Path number. Then read the explanation below.

Calculate Your Life Path Number

Example Birth Date: December 24, 1987 or 12/24/1987

The month of December is 12. Add 1+2 = 3

Day of birth is 24. Add 2+4 = 6

Year of birth is 1987. Add 1+9+8+7 = 25. Reduce 25 to a single number by adding 2+5 = 7

Now add the month, day and year of your birth together.  3+6+7 = 16. Reduce to a single number by adding 1+6 = 7.

Your Life Path Number is 7

Let Your Life Path Guide You to Career Utopia

Let’s see what your Life Path Number reveals about you and how you might use it to find your career path or excel at the one you already have. As the saying goes, “Find a career that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Click here to read all about your specific Life Path Number


Your Birthday Numerology

Truth in Numbers

If you believe that life has purpose and meaning and that it’s not just a bunch of random acts, then you’ll love what numerology can bring to your life—namely, answers. Your Life Path number  or your birthday number (for both, add the numbers of your full birthday date until you get a single digit) reveal your personal tendencies, your approach to life and shine a light on the specific talents you possess. But what is the significance of your actual birth day?

What You Need to Know

Your actual birth day can also reveal a lot about your personality. For example, if you were born on the 23rd of a month, you would read the explanation of a 2, 3 and 5 (2 + 3). Looking at all of those numbers will give you a complete overview of you. [Click here to keep reading]


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