Your November 2013 Forecast

The first day of November is when the last of this year’s Uranus-Pluto squares becomes exact. This is part of a series that lasts years and it’s the reason why we’ve seen so many changes happening in the world around us. “Revolution” and “transformation” are the key words surrounding this alignment.

The Weekend Astro Forecast

Venus just adds to the beauty of your environment. You may find yourself adding accessories to you home and wardrobe that make them uniquely yours. Be adventurous, try something new today – you just might like it.

In the Stars – August 8

In the Stars – Stars Born Today, August 8 Mercury – In First Gear As if you needed more good news, Mercury begins moving forward again this week.  On the 8th you can count on the breaks being applied and Mercury will come to a screeching halt before it goes into forward motion once again…

Your Money Forecast for July 2012

Double Your Luck When it comes to money, knowing where the planets lie is worth its weight in gold. Jupiter and Venus are still in Gemini, doubling your chances for better luck in love and money. Mars enters Libra on July 3, putting the spotlight on money-making ideas borne through partnerships and alliances. Retrograde Alert!…