Love Horoscope for May

monthly-horoscope_20170504_600x320 (1)I’m so excited to share this … Well, as you know, if you follow my blog or my twitter or FB or … that I write the monthly Money Horoscope for  The first bit of good news is that they’ve extended it and the written portion is now twice as long (if not more) than it was before.  Also (yes, can you believe it, there’s more) they asked me to write the monthly Love Horoscope (in extended length) as well.  While I love to write about tons of different subjects, I originally contracted with CP probably five years ago to write horoscopes and they’ve been very good to me, so I am truly grateful for all of these opportunities.  Thanks for letting me share this with you, and thank you for being my meager blog’s faithful followers.  I appreciate every single one of you.  Muah~

Links:  Here are links to the May Money Horoscope and the May Love Horoscope.  After I’m done catching up and shifting stuff around, I’ll go back to posting those and my other articles as I normally do.  🙂

Money Horoscope for May

Love Horoscope for May



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